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J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is a Japanese language proficiency test conducted by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization".


Build your career in Japan with J-cert

J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is a Japanese language proficiency test conducted by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization".



J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is a Japanese language proficiency test conducted by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization".


Introduction to J-cert

J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign language) is an official Japanese language (NIHONGO) proficiency standard test sponsored by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization”, the Japan Public Welfare Corporation. J-cert is carried out to test and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers, where the candidates are assessed on the reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in Japanese. This is a unique test as it focuses not only on Japanese language competence but also on Society and Culture of Japan (which differentiates J-cert from other language tests) thus, enabling students to have a comprehensive knowledge on Japan and Japanese Language.
J-cert Test is the only Japanese language test for accreditation standard in study, work, business and life style. The test adopts international standards (European Common Reference Framework) for evaluation of the test and is a proof of Japanese language proficiency recognized by Government of Japan, Public and International Organizations, Reputed Universities, Immigration Bureaus, Japanese Corporate Houses and Commercial Consortium's in Japan.
‘J-cert’ was earlier called as ‘GNK’, the test name was changed to J-cert from September 2017.


J-cert India

SilverPeak Center for International Language and Culture is the sole and exclusive partner for carrying out "J-cert life and proficiency Japanese test” in India. The test is coordinated by the professionally trained native Japanese teachers along with the local administrators throughout India.

The various activities coordinated by SCILC with regards to J-cert:

  • Organizing J-cert Exam and conducting J-cert Exam in India
  • Providing test centres for examination
  • Publishing relevant J-cert related Information/ news.
  • Results announcement and distribution of exam certificates
  • Why J-cert

    The interest among people to learn Japanese as a foreign language has gained tremendous momentum in recent years. This is due to varied reasons such as

    • Increased number of Japanese corporations opening to the international market (for business/ transfer of technology, manpower exchange etc.)
    • Passion among people to learn Japanese language that is considered to be difficult at the same time most creative language
    • Increased acceptability of foreign workers by Japanese
    • Plethora of job opportunities prevailing in Japan
    • Japan becoming popular destination for people around the world and many such others reasons.

    While more and more people are learning Japanese language, the need for quality assessment of the competence level of Japanese language & culture in accordance with International standard, became necessary. This led to the origination of J-cert.

    Key objectives of J-cert exam

    • To enhance the Japanese language proficiency education through authoritative certification and advanced courses.
    • To meet the talent needs of studying & living in Japan and working in Japanese organizations/ enterprises.
    • To have a standard evaluation tool for the Japanese language ability.
    • To enable foreigners to understand Japan's social laws, history, geography, economic system and basic etiquette of daily life, so as to better integrate into Japan's life, study and work.
    • In addition, it also contains basic knowledge such as business etiquette that candidates need to know in Japanese employment and work.

    Advantages of J-cert

    J-cert is an unique examination which prepares students not only for language skills but has varied special features some of them are

    • Learning Japanese is not only about learning language skills, but more importantly, using the language skills you have learned to better communicate and communicate with others in life and work. In addition to judging the candidate's language proficiency, J-cert Japanese language test also focuses on judging the Japanese social culture, living habits, and workplace etiquette.
    • Unlike other Japanese exams, J-cert has the highest level of [professional] certification. Professional-qualified individuals can not only fully utilize their Japanese language skills in various business fields, but also have the vision and judgment ability for the future of Japanese society. Candidates who apply for professional level will be invited to attend the interview and thesis defense after passing the written test.
    • For those who have excellent test scores, they have special recognition and invitation to participate in the international friendly exchanges (political and business).
    • For foreigners in Japan, J-cert certificate can be recognized by the company and recorded in the employee's file. For those who take J-cert exam overseas and obtain a certificate of conformity, they can recommend employment in Japan or recommend it to the candidate's country. Foreign-funded enterprises are employed.

    J-cert worldwide

    J-cert is currently being conducted in ten countries including

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    Levels of the J-cert exam with reference to JLPT

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