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Frequently asked questions

Who is the main organizer of J-cert exam?

J-cert is organized by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization”, the Japan Public Welfare Corporation.
SilverPeak International Center for Language & Culture is the sole & exclusive partner for conducting J-cert exam throughout India.
Yes, J-cert is a recognized certification for Japanese Language. The test is recognized by Government of Japan, public and international organizations, universities, immigration bureaus, Japanese corporate houses and commercial consortiums in japan.
J-cert can be attempted by any non-native Japanese language speaker. There is no restriction on age or education qualification for taking up J-cert exam.
The J-cert exam is currently held four times a year in India on the last Sunday of March, May, September and November. While, B-course (Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Level) exams are held all the 4 times, A -course level exams are conducted in May and November only.
The J-cert exam has been divided into six levels further divided into A-course and B-course B-course includes Elementary/ Basic Level and pre-intermediate levels. A-course includes divided into Intermediate, Pre-advanced, Advanced level and Professional/ Master Level
Candidates who apply for professional level will participate in the "Comprehensive" and "Conversation" exams in addition to all the exam subjects specified in A Course. After passing the exam, they will be invited to attend the interview and thesis defence. only.
J-cert strictly follows the Japanese standard of education at home and abroad. Textbooks such as Minna no Nihongo, Marugoto, and general Japanese culture related books can be referred for taking up J-cert exam. However, for detailed information on recommended books, please refer to our website section “Study Material”. only.
The social and cultural subjects are reading comprehension subjects that are based on Japanese common sense and Japanese business etiquette. At present, there are many such books in the bookstore. Candidates can purchase according to the actual situation and can also refer to the recommended books in the website learning materials.
Usually 2-3 weeks after the test, you can check your score on the J-cert Indian official website with the ID number and the admission ticket number. When the results are announced it will be posted in the website. Please pay attention to the official website of J- cert about two weeks after the test.
J-cert Japanese exam is currently held in ten countries and regions including India, Japan, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Elementary Level 60% & Above
Quasi Intermediate Level 70% & Above
Intermediate Level 60% & Above
Pre-Advanced Level 70% & Above
Advanced Level 80% & Above
Master/Professional Level Advanced Level completion +Comprehension & thesis defence