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Textbook name Marugoto
Author The Japan Foundation Japanese- Language Institute
Teaching material introduction Marugoto encompasses both language and culture, features real-life communication, and allows you to experience the lifestyle and culture behind the communication

Textbook name Minna no Nihongo
Publisher 3A Corporation
Teaching material introduction Minna no Nihongo is a general Japanese language that concentrates on developing basic conversational skills in the quickest and most effective manner possible. Through the steady acquisition of sentence patterns, the learner develops a firm foundation in the language enabling him/her to advance to the intermediate level and beyond. 12 lessons, 35 sentence patterns, approx.. 370 new words. Focuses on the various situations in which foreigners living in Japan have to communicate with the Japanese and gives insights into life in the country. Written in Japanese characters (Kanji and Kana), with Kana readings given for all Kanji (Chinese) Characters, enabling the learner to become familiar with the written language.

Textbook name Practical Japanese (J-cert life, functional Japanese language test examination designated textbook)
Author Three thousand generations of the defending house, He Lin, Yu Cunwen, Peng Guanglu
Publishing unit Peking University Press
Teaching material introduction "Practical Japanese" is an intensive reading material in the Japanese professional series of textbooks for higher education self-study exams. This series of textbooks is a designated textbook for self-study in Beijing. It runs through the self-study exams to the undergraduate course. Intensive reading materials from the junior college to the undergraduate stage are "primary (upper and lower volumes)", "intermediate (upper and lower volumes)", "advanced (upper and lower volumes)" a total of six volumes. This textbook has a strong lineup, authentic language, vivid and practical, full of content, close to life, novel and diverse, concise, flexible and efficient, and equipped with free MP3 CD, which can help learners to easily practice Japanese listening and speaking skills. Directly in line with GNK's life and functional Japanese language test. The conversational texts in the textbooks are collectively written by many Chinese and Japanese experts and scholars on the basis of full discussion, which guarantees the authenticity and standardization of the language and provides high-quality language learning materials for Japanese language learners. The fixed characters in the conversation and the coherent storyline provide a guarantee for fully embodying the characteristics of Japanese.

Book name Click on Japan
Author Wang Ping Waits
Publishing unit Foreign Language Teaching and Researching Press
Teaching material introduction With the advent of the era of globalization, foreign language learners are faced with a new task of mastering the language of the target country, but also must have a good understanding of the history, geography, politics, economy, diplomacy, education, society, culture, etc. of the target country. Background knowledge. This will not only promote foreign language learners to better grasp the language of the target country, but also deepen their understanding of the target country for future study, work and research.

Textbook name Japanese conversation about Japanese culture
Author Wang Chong, Abe Xiu
Publishing unit Dalian University of Technology Press
Teaching material introduction "Japanese to talk about Japanese culture" to understand the country of Japan, to understand its customs, folk customs, and on the cultural level to trigger readers to deepen their thinking about hiding humanity. Through nearly ten years of study and life in Japan, the author has a unique interpretation of Japanese culture with keen insight and deep understanding.

Textbook name Japanese business etiquette 100 rule
Author (Japanese) Nakamura Wanli with Sun Hui from translation
Publishing unit Dalian University of Technology Press
Teaching material introduction This book can be used as a ceremonial book for Japanese language students in colleges and universities. Japanese-funded employees or those who intend to work in Japanese companies can understand Japanese etiquette, especially the reference book for business etiquette. In the social and cultural subjects of the GNK Life Function Japanese Verification Test, special questions will be inserted into the Japanese business etiquette. Through reading the book, the candidates will reach a certain amount of Japanese business etiquette culture.